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When it comes to training, wouldn’t you prefer to learn from the experts?

The training and tutoring at iLead Training will be given by the team members of iLead Online, our umbrella company, and partners in the industry. Drawing from their personal knowledge, training and experience working within the online marketing industry, the iLead tutors and trainers are able to give students all that they need to further their own careers.


Our course offerings are divided into the three main categories, namely: In-House Training, Distance Learning & eLearning. Within these categories, various courses are presented to you by our trainers and tutors who are experts in their respective fields.

Our lecturers are professionals who work in the field

Our courses are on trend & affordable

We’re friendly, helpful and have a certified training centre

Our Mission

During our time working within the online marketing sphere we realised that there is a gap between those working in the industry and that which is taught at many institutes. As such, we felt that it was needed to close that gap and train people in such a way that they are ready and able to do what will be expected of them when they take the next step in their professional career.

Our Vision

Taking the online world to the next level and creating a market where students of iLead Training will be sought after by employees looking for professionals with specialised skills and knowledge.

For more information about iLead Training and the courses we offer, please feel free to contact us.


We have training facilities in both Lynnwood and Midrand. Those who wish to travel to our facilities in Midrand will be happy to know that it is within close proximity to the Gautrain Midrand station. Click here to find us on Google Maps