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Get access to over 550 courses online with our eLearning Programme

If you’re looking for a cheaper studying alternative, then our eLearning Programme is for you. Get access to a collection of over 550 video and audio courses, which are all available online for your convenience. It’s a great way to train multiple people in your company, and it’s readily available until you’re done studying. When you’re feeling smart enough, just cancel your subscription.

We have course modules available in the following areas of expertise


You can master specific skills in Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access 2013 at your own pace.
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Our Project Management Courses will help you ensure that your projects run smoothly and are executed effectively.
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You can master everything from off- to online sales as well as marketing skills all at your very own pace.
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Improve the way you communicate with customers by gaining an understanding of the critical elements of customer service.
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The modern HR officer or manager needs a comprehensive range of skill.
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Our online courses cover everything from team leading to basic management for business owners. Learn how to effectively plan and schedule projects, delegate for success and supervise teams.
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Learn to understand the strategic principles for effective money and budget management.
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Gain insight into essential skills and learn how to effectively manage your business.
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Discover how to manage the office successfully, effectively communicate, handle office correspondence and manage conferences or events.
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Recognising the importance of good listening and writing skills, customer service care and facilitation as well as research skills, we offer an extensive range of online courses to help you improve your skill sets.
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Want to attend a course but don’t have time to go out of office? Our Audio Training Material is just what you need.
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Businesses who make use of our eLearning programme


If you’re interested in our eLearning Programme, please give us a call for more information on how to get started or request a free demo